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Game Preview: Brewers vs Tigers

Posted by Titus on September 14, 2012

So here we are.  Down to 3 teams. 


The favored Outlaws who steamrolled through the regular season and playoffs and are resting their arms and legs waiting to see which worn out team they are going to face on Sunday. 

You have the surprising Brewers.  Surprising, not because of how far they made it into the playoffs because everyone knows they have a talented squad, but how they didn’t live up to expectations in the regular season. 

Then you have your Tigers.  Your Tigers are in unknown territory.  They have never made it this far into the playoffs even before they became the Tigers.  Do you think that rattles them?  NO!  Do you think that scares them?  NO!  Is that going to change the fact that they are going to play with everything they have on Saturday? NO!







The Tigers are set to face the Brewers on Saturday at the Sportsplex in Crown Point at 1pm.  Last year, The Tigers faced the Brewers twice in the regular season.  The Tigers won the first game by 1 run in extra innings.  The Brewers beat the Tigers in the 2nd game by 1 run.  They didn’t face each other in the playoffs due to a lackluster performance by the Tigers that sent them packing early.  This year, The Tigers dropped the first game to the Brewers and then took the next 2 from them,  These 2 teams always have close games when they play each other.  That shouldn’t change on Saturday.

The Tigers and The Brewers know each other well.  The lineups haven’t changed much from year to year.  The Tigers know that they will see a heavy dose of Anthony Wunsh on the mound probably followed by Kevin Smith and/or Don Reed.  All excellent pitchers.  The Tigers know that they will see Steve “Happy Meal Thief” Willison at first base and Russ Hamm behind the plate.  What the Tigers do NOT know is what the outcome of the game will be.

If you read the brilliant game preview for the Tigers vs The Red Sox, there were a lot of unanswered questions.  This game is different.  There are a lot of things that we know.  Here is a list of the things that the fans can expect to see:

  1. Dennis McGarel will kick major a$$ again.  That’s a given
  2. Ryan Early will hit a triple (that’s what Ms Cleo told me)
  3. This will be a close game.
  4. Scott Harris will return to form and go 3 for 4 (the other at bat will be a deep sacrifice to center field)
  5. Ryan Lytle will drive one deep in the gap
  6. Dave Hayse will show up 15 minutes before game time
  7. Juan Sanchez will go 4-4 with 3 stolen bases and he will tell Scott how he shouldn’t be hitting second.
  8. Steve Alessia will be called into work.
  9. Joe Anaya, after getting a single, will apologize that it wasn’t a double.
  10. Jeff Nelson will make a Mexican joke.
  11. Anthony Perez will call all of us bitches.
  12. Dave Purkey will gain another day of rest in case he has to pitch on Sunday.
  13. Tom Ruiz will pull a Rex Grossman and have his mind on his after party rather than the game.
  14. Dan Titus will be thrown out of the game for striking the umpire (only if is that moron kid who touches his back every pitch).
  15. Tim Mullally will be so angry at the fact that his fantasy football team is losing to a team named “Shmoopsy Poopsy Poo” that his anger will make him take one deep.
  16. The 3rd baseman for The Brewers will not say a word then entire game.
  17. Steve Willison will steal someone else’s McDonalds to feel “the rush” to be motivated for the game.
  18. Curt will make several amazing grabs at 3rd base.
  19. People with A.D.D. have not made it this far down the list.
  20. Fun will be had by all.
  21. Fans will show up in record numbers.  We may actually have more than 10 this weekend.

Now you see that there is so much to absorb on Saturday.  Come on out; bring a picnic lunch; enjoy some baseball.  It is supposed to be 78 degrees and sunny.  Nothing else better to do.  GO TIGERS!!!!


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Game Preview: Cubs vs. Tigers Elimination Game

Posted by Titus on September 10, 2012

The old salty dogs, The Cubs, will prepare to take on the Tigers tomorrow night at The Sportsplex at 7pm.  I don’t really mean to call them old.  They are not THAT old.   I did find a photograph of the CP Cubs in their inaugural season way back in 1910.  You can see Henry, Pat, and even Kenny in the top right corner.

The Good Ol’ Crown Point Cubs

This is another do or die game for The Tigers.  They handled the Red Sox on Saturday and will prepare to do the same against a group of guys the swept during the regular season.  

The Tigers need to be very careful going into this game.  The Cubs did not have a great year in the regular season, but who really cares.  There are 2 teams that aren’t even playing anymore and the Cubs are still alive.  Each game with The Cubs this year was a close one because both teams play the game well.  Fundamentals and good smart baseball ooze out of the pores of both teams.  Whatever comparisons you want to make between the Cubs from Crown Point and the other douchebags up in Chicago…………..DON’T!  The CP Cubs can pitch, play the field, AND they can hit.  Unlike those other douchebags up in Chicago.  But enough about those douchebags up in Chicago.  Did I mention that they were douchebags?

Back to the game preview.  Like I was saying, The Tigers shouldn’t “feel good” coming into this game.  The Tigers did sweep the season series but every game was close.  The Tigers won the first game 6-5.  The second game 4-1, and the third game 4-2.  By no means did The Tigers have their way with The Cubs this year.  Plus, you have to remember the ending of last year’s season.  If I remember correctly, The Tigers swept the Cubs in the regular season and guess which team sent The Tigers home for good?  Yep, you guessed it (see photo above).  The Cubs. (partly because the umpire was sooooooooooooooo bad.  Same stupid kid that umpired the Red Sox Tigers game on Saturday.  I swear that kid can’t umpire to save his life. Can you believe that idiot kid kicked Dan Titus out of the game last year.  Dan Titus is the nicest, most charming, nicest smile, sexiest guy in the league) But I digress.

The Cubs should prepare to face PURK on the mound followed by a heavy dose of Ryan Early.  Ryan hasn’t faced the Cubs yet this year.  I asked Ryan if he is excited about facing the Cubs.  He pulled a Bart Scott on me and said “Can’t wait!”  I asked Purk the same question and he responded with “What do you think as$h%$ole?!”  so as you can see, the Tiger pitching is fire up for tomorrow night.

So what can the Tigers hope for?  They can hope for some timely hitting.  They can hope for some key defensive stops.  They can hope for a curse of some farm animal or a guy in a pair of headphones to ruin the Cubs chances or some other lame crap that Cub fans blame for losses instead of crappy players.

Man!  The real Cubs suck.  But those Crown Point Cubs are OK in my book.      

Ha ha ha! A goat! What a bunch of douches!

Ha ha ha! This guy prevented the Cubs from going to the series! Ha ha ha!

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Playoff Preview Tigers vs. Red Sox

Posted by Titus on September 5, 2012

The matchup is set.  With the Red Sox taking out the Cardinals last night, they have earned the honor of facing the Tigers on Saturday where the winner will move on and the loser will go home (for at least 2 weeks until the fall league starts)


These 2 teams have faced off against each other 4 times this year.  The Red Sox took the first 2 meetings while the Tigers took the last 2.  Does that mean that the Tigers have finally figured out the surprising Red Sox.  Maybe.  One thing is for sure, it will be a great game. 

Expect to see a heavy dose of Jason Moseley on the mound followed by Bragg.  Those are their 2 best pitchers.  No offense to Tom Reynolds, but the Tigers pretty much own that guy (Dan Titus with 3 home runs off of him.  DAMN!).  Moseley, the fire throwing power pitcher will probably start and give the Tigers and their fans his best  Fernando Valenzuela impression by looking up to the heavens and breathing out of his eyelids with every pitch.  Opposing teams and the Tigers would hate this guy because of his pitching if he weren’t such a nice fella.  An equally jovial chap is Bragg.  Bragg is the old salty dog on the team.  A pinpoint pitcher like Greg Maddox or our very own Scott Harris. We would love to see more of Scott on the mound but his shoulder is made of estrogen and wet noodles and therefore cannot last the season.   But I digress.   Bragg has been on the Red Sox for a while now.  He took a couple of years off and during those years, and the Red Sox sucked.  Really really really bad. They were almost as bad as the Rangers and early year Tigers. Coincidence? 

But nevermind the past!!  We are talking about now.  We are talking about this Saturday.  We are talking about hanging on for our baseball lives here!  We are talking about a much needed victory to reassure ourselves that the regular season was a fluke of epic proportions (that might be taking it a little too far, But nevermind that!!).  We are talking about pride.

We don’t know what will happen this Saturday.  There are a lot of questions that will not be answered until then.  Thankfully, your author listed them:

  1. Will the Tigers win?
  2. Will the Tigers bring their “A” game?
  3. Will Ryan Early show up to the game?  “Missing” posters have been put up all over CP and Cedar Lake.  If you see him please call me.
  4. Will Jeff Nelson wear his belt in his pants and return to all-star form?
  5. Who is Dave Hayse?  Where is Dave Hayse?  Is he on our team anymore?
  6. Is Curt going to come on Saturday and show everyone that Elvis has NOT left the building?
  7. Will Sanchez try and stick it to the team that he will eventually join next year?
  8. Can Scott continue his impressive batting?  Hell Yes!  (he doesn’t have anything else to do)
  9. Will Perez quit his job to be at the game and join his true calling?
  10. Will Joe Anaya end the season of another Red Sox player but running them over at 1st base?  When you hear chika chika chika chika chika chika chika chika chika chika; get out of the way!
  11. Will Kevin Lee wear sleeves?
  12. Will Tim Mullally and Tom Ruiz even be thinking about us when they are at the Notre Dame game?  Bastards
  13. Will Purk wear his cool Tiger pants and panties (thongs)?
  14. Can Lytle go through the entire game without insulting Dan Titus (nope)?
  15. Can Dan Titus make it through the entire game without being insulted by Ryan Lytle (nope)?
  16. Will Keith Wood laugh at one of Dan Titus’s jokes (nope)?
  17. Will Lonnie Archer get hit by a pitch.  Chances are high.  Not because we don’t like Lonnie, but because that dude is a baseball magnet.
  18. Will Steve hit another home run before the season is out?
  19. Is Dennis the best player on the Tigers?  Some think so.
  20. Will Larry Atkins feel bad that he left the Tigers and beg for his old job back (probably not)?
  21. Will Joe O make it through the game without offending someone (nope; probably his own team)?
  22. Is Earl playing?
  23. Who the hell is bringing beer?
  24. Where the hell did that picture come from of the Tiger high on bath salts (see above)?
  25. Why doesn’t anyone ever post a comment on these pages?
  26. When are these questions going to end?

OK. Enough.  As you can see, there are a lot of things that will answered on Saturday.  According to Tom Skilling, it is going to rain that morning so I pretty much wasted my time writing this.  Great.

Come out to the sportsplex on Saturday at 1pm to see history……..or at least which team will be history.

Man!! Tigers love bath salts. Look at his eyes.

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Game Preview: Tigers vs. Outlaws PLAYOFFS!!

Posted by Titus on August 28, 2012

I don’t think that anyone needs a reminder of what happened the last time the Tigers attempted to play baseball against the Outlaws.  It was bad.  It was ugly.  But more importantly, it is in the past.  It doesn’t matter anymore. 


Because the new season has started………… the playoffs.  And in the playoffs, the Tigers are undefeated and look to keep it that way tonight against the Outlaws.  This won’t be an easy task.  The Outlaw team has pretty much had its way with the OTH league this season (except for the Red Sox).  But that season is over.  It doesn’t matter what happened during the season.  It only matters what happens tonight. 

The Tigers will undoubtedly face tough pitching tonight against Gordon Sharkey, Yogi Postell, and the always…………um………subdued Bobby Wienmann.  The Tigers will have to come out aggressive, not only at the plate, but on the base paths.  But who cares what the Tigers have to do tonight?  Who cares what your season batting average is or how many RBIs you had?  Who cares what your regular season record was?  Who cares if you have never hit against Gordon or Yogi?  Who cares that The Tigers haven’t beaten The Outlaws yet this year?  All of that can change with one swing of the bat; with one bad throw; with one good pitch. 

So who is the pressure on tonight?  Is it on the Tigers to stay in the winner’s bracket?  A team that had a mediocre regular season and isn’t expected to make a run in the playoffs.  Or is it on the favorites who everyone expects to win, not only this game, but the championship?  Is it on The Outlaws to do only what is expected of them? Is it on The Outlaws to NOT lay an egg and waste their first round bye on a team that they have beaten 3 times in the regular season? You decide.

It’s funny how baseball is sometimes.  Just when you think you have the game figured out……………………………… it surprises you.

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Game Preview: Tigers vs Outlaws

Posted by Titus on August 16, 2012

I am sure all of you agree that this season went way too fast.  Infrequent rain outs helped that along.  All of us want the season to last longer, but I regret to inform you that the last regular season game (for your Tigers ) is scheduled for tonight at 7pm.  The Tigers’ season has not gone as planned but the Tigers, as of late, have been playing much better baseball defensively and on the mound.  That is a good sign going into the playoffs where they will need a steady dose of both.

Tonight’s game is against the Outlaws.  The Outlaws came in as the preseason favorite and have lived up to the billing thus far.  With only 1 loss to their name at the hands of the 2nd place Red Sox, the Outlaws have coasted through the season behind the pitching arms of Gordon Sharkey and Yogi Postell.  The Tigers, in both of their losses to the Outlaws, faced both Gordon and Yogi without much success.  But with way the Tigers have been playing lately, a different outcome is quite possible tonight.

Keys to a Tiger Victory:

  1. Get out to a fast start.  Jump all over them and set the tone early.
  2. Play solid defense.  You aren’t going to strike out many Outlaws (unless we get that dipshit kid umpire who likes to put his hand on the catchers back; then you never know what a strike is because he has no idea).  Field the balls cleanly and keep the game within reach.
  3. Pitchers need to hit their spots. 
  4. Dan Titus needs to wake his ass up at the plate.  In the last 8 games, his batting average has plummeted by more that .300 points.  He can’t keep hitting like this for much longer, can he?  Dan Titus is due for a big game soon.
  5. Have fun.  In years past, when the Tigers have fun, They usually win.  They need Joe Anaya for this one.  Joe will start your trash talking as soon as he gets out of the car.
  6. Realize that this game means nothing.  The result of the game only affects the seeding in the playoffs.  The Tigers have been slotted for either 3rd or 4th place.  Whoopdy Fricken Do!  So just relax.

If the rain can hold off tonight, fans should be treated to a real nice game.  If not, the game more than likely will be rescheduled for Saturday at 10am if that slot hasn’t been filled yet.  That is a problem because that will conflict with the Mandatory Tiger Team Building Excercise.

Go out and have fun boys!

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Game Preview: Tigers vs. Cardinals

Posted by Titus on August 10, 2012

If someone were to look at this game before the season started, there wouldn’t be much excitement attched.  This isn’t last year and the Cardinals have surprised everyone this year by coming out and playing strong baseball.  The Cardinals are right behind your Tigers in the standings and this pivitol game could determine who locks up 3rd place.

The Tigers too have suprised people this season, but not for the reasons one might expect.  The mighty Tigers of last year went 13-5 to finish the season in 2nd place and had a mediocre run through the playoffs.  Things were only expected to improve this year with key additions to the team like Keith Wood (AKA: Woody), Steve Alessia (AKA: Country Club), and Ryan Early.   Lets’s just say, things have not gone as planned.

But that appears to be in the past.  The Tigers are hitting their stride at just the right time.  They have won their last 3 games with some impressive defense and timely hitting.  It is a new feeling amongst the guys that the team they all thought they would be is here and there is nothing Dennis Green or anyone can do about it!


 Can the Tigers continue their winning ways and secure 3rd place with a win tonight?  Can the pesky, new look Cardinals, peck their way into the 3rd place slot for the playoffs.  Come on down to the Sportsplex at 7 pm tonight to find out.

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Game Preview: Outlaws vs. Tigers

Posted by sharris2929 on June 21, 2012

Thursday, June 21st

7:00 pm

Outlaws vs. Tigers

A good amount of friendly trash talk has been exchanged between the Tigers and the Outlaws this year.  Several players from both teams are former teammates, and some good-natured ribbing has occurred in the early part of the season.

That will all come to a head tonight as the Tigers will take on the undefeated Outlaws with first place in the league on the line.  These two teams met only twice last year, with each team taking home a win. 

Both teams are coming off of wins against the Cubs.  The Outlaws took a 5-2 decision against the Cubs last Thursday, while the Tigers beat them 4-1 on Sunday night.  That gave the Tigers their 4th straight win of the season. 

But if you want to talk momentum, you have to give the edge to the Outlaws.  They stormed through the playoffs to a league championship last year, and have kept it going this year, winning their first 5 in dominant fashion, outscoring their opponents 49-12 along the way.  They haven’t given up more than 2 runs in any game since their first game of the season.  They have given up the fewest runs in the league by far, and have only been outscored by one team:  The Tigers.

The Tigers have put up 62 runs so far this season, but have allowed 43.  In their last game, the Tigers used tremendous pitching outings from Dennis McGarel and Dave Purkey, as well as picture perfect defense, to hold the Cubs to just 1 run.  Going against a team like the Outlaws, the Tigers will need to match that performance tonight. 

With the current make up of the league, this game is the marquee matchup, and fans should be in for a real treat.  Can the stingy Outlaws pitching staff contain the explosive Tigers lineup?  Can the Tigers hold down the equally powerful Outlaws order?  Come on down to the Sportsplex at 7 pm tonight to find out.

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Game Preview–Tigers vs. Cardinals

Posted by sharris2929 on June 8, 2012

Saturday, June 9th

1:00 pm

Tigers vs. Cardinals

It’ll be a battle of 2-1 teams looking to move to 3-1 as the Tigers lock horns with the Cardinals Saturday afternoon at 1 pm.  Players should be prepared for a hot one, as the mercury is expected to creep up around the 90 degree mark at gametime. 

This marks the first meeting of these two teams on the season.  Last year, the Tigers swept three games from the Cardinals.  However, the 2012 Cards are bearing little resemblance to their predecessors.  They have picked up impressive wins against the Brewers and the Red Sox this year already, and are looking to prove that they are a force to be reckoned with this year.

The Tigers are sitting at 2-1, but they haven’t played much like a team destined for greatness.  There have been flashes of last year’s success, but a total team effort has been lacking in each game.  There was a 5 week period last summer where the Tigers lost zero games and were dominant in most every area of the game.  The Tigers know they can get to that point again, it’s just a matter of getting started. 

A good win against a resurgent Cardinals team would be a great place to start.

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Game Preview: Tigers vs. Brewers

Posted by sharris2929 on May 29, 2012

Tuesday, May 19th

7:00 PM

Tigers vs. Brewers

It’s been 10 days since the Tigers made their 2012 Crown Point debut, posting a thrilling 9-6 come from behind win over the White Sox on May 19th.  After that thrilling win, the Tigers have been itching to get back on the field.  They’ll do so tonight against a friendly rival from last season, the Brewers. 

These two teams split a pair of thrillers last season, each winning a one run contest.  They looked destined to meet in the playoffs to settle the score, but a misstep by the Tigers prevented that from happening.  The Tigers and Brewers didn’t meet until late in the season in 2011, but they’ll reverse that trend in 2012, meeting twice in the next two weeks.

The Brewers will enter this contest 0-1, losing their opener 14-10 vs. the Cardinals back on May 20th. 

The Tigers scored 9 runs in their last 3 at bats in their opener back on May 19th.  Will they be able to carry the momentum over from 10 days ago and put up an early lead against their rivals?  Come down to the Sportsplex tonight to find out.

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Game Preview: White Sox vs. Tigers

Posted by sharris2929 on May 18, 2012

White Sox vs. Tigers

Saturday, May 19th

1:00 PM

Crown Point Sportsplex

Last season, the Tigers were the big surprise of the Over the Hill League, challenging for a league championship after years of toiling in the cellar.  Their dramatic improvement of that new-look ballclub allowed the Tigers to sneak up on the rest of the league. 

The Tigers won’t be doing any sneaking this year. 

With nearly the same roster returning from last year’s 14 win campaign, the Tigers find themselves among the early favorites to contend for a title again this year.  The path to glory starts tomorrow at 1pm. 

The Tigers will line up against the always tough White Sox, who may have revenge on their collective minds. 

Flash back to October 2nd, 2011, which was the last time these two teams met.  It was last year’s playoffs, and both team’s found themselves in the losers’ bracket, meaning one team would be going home for good after the game.  The Sox started hot and found themselves with a 2-0 lead and the bases loaded before they even made their first out, but Dave Purkey struck out the side and the offense responded.  The Tigers pounded in 16 runs and the outcome was never in doubt, winning 16-6 to end the White Sox’ 2011 campaign. 

Tigers fans will recall that despite the big win, that team was hobbled with injuries.  Dan Titus foolishly broke his thumb playing flag football and was unable to catch.  Joe Anaya was slowed with a calf injury.  Those injuries are all a distant memory.  The Tigers are healthy and ready to play, with 8 players taking part in the South Holland spring league to prepare for the season. 

Mother nature should be providing perfect conditions for the game, as the weather calls for sunny skies and 88 degrees at first pitch.  Let’s hope the Tigers start the season just as hot.

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