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Game Preview: Brewers vs Tigers

Posted by Titus on September 14, 2012

So here we are.  Down to 3 teams. 


The favored Outlaws who steamrolled through the regular season and playoffs and are resting their arms and legs waiting to see which worn out team they are going to face on Sunday. 

You have the surprising Brewers.  Surprising, not because of how far they made it into the playoffs because everyone knows they have a talented squad, but how they didn’t live up to expectations in the regular season. 

Then you have your Tigers.  Your Tigers are in unknown territory.  They have never made it this far into the playoffs even before they became the Tigers.  Do you think that rattles them?  NO!  Do you think that scares them?  NO!  Is that going to change the fact that they are going to play with everything they have on Saturday? NO!







The Tigers are set to face the Brewers on Saturday at the Sportsplex in Crown Point at 1pm.  Last year, The Tigers faced the Brewers twice in the regular season.  The Tigers won the first game by 1 run in extra innings.  The Brewers beat the Tigers in the 2nd game by 1 run.  They didn’t face each other in the playoffs due to a lackluster performance by the Tigers that sent them packing early.  This year, The Tigers dropped the first game to the Brewers and then took the next 2 from them,  These 2 teams always have close games when they play each other.  That shouldn’t change on Saturday.

The Tigers and The Brewers know each other well.  The lineups haven’t changed much from year to year.  The Tigers know that they will see a heavy dose of Anthony Wunsh on the mound probably followed by Kevin Smith and/or Don Reed.  All excellent pitchers.  The Tigers know that they will see Steve “Happy Meal Thief” Willison at first base and Russ Hamm behind the plate.  What the Tigers do NOT know is what the outcome of the game will be.

If you read the brilliant game preview for the Tigers vs The Red Sox, there were a lot of unanswered questions.  This game is different.  There are a lot of things that we know.  Here is a list of the things that the fans can expect to see:

  1. Dennis McGarel will kick major a$$ again.  That’s a given
  2. Ryan Early will hit a triple (that’s what Ms Cleo told me)
  3. This will be a close game.
  4. Scott Harris will return to form and go 3 for 4 (the other at bat will be a deep sacrifice to center field)
  5. Ryan Lytle will drive one deep in the gap
  6. Dave Hayse will show up 15 minutes before game time
  7. Juan Sanchez will go 4-4 with 3 stolen bases and he will tell Scott how he shouldn’t be hitting second.
  8. Steve Alessia will be called into work.
  9. Joe Anaya, after getting a single, will apologize that it wasn’t a double.
  10. Jeff Nelson will make a Mexican joke.
  11. Anthony Perez will call all of us bitches.
  12. Dave Purkey will gain another day of rest in case he has to pitch on Sunday.
  13. Tom Ruiz will pull a Rex Grossman and have his mind on his after party rather than the game.
  14. Dan Titus will be thrown out of the game for striking the umpire (only if is that moron kid who touches his back every pitch).
  15. Tim Mullally will be so angry at the fact that his fantasy football team is losing to a team named “Shmoopsy Poopsy Poo” that his anger will make him take one deep.
  16. The 3rd baseman for The Brewers will not say a word then entire game.
  17. Steve Willison will steal someone else’s McDonalds to feel “the rush” to be motivated for the game.
  18. Curt will make several amazing grabs at 3rd base.
  19. People with A.D.D. have not made it this far down the list.
  20. Fun will be had by all.
  21. Fans will show up in record numbers.  We may actually have more than 10 this weekend.

Now you see that there is so much to absorb on Saturday.  Come on out; bring a picnic lunch; enjoy some baseball.  It is supposed to be 78 degrees and sunny.  Nothing else better to do.  GO TIGERS!!!!


2 Responses to “Game Preview: Brewers vs Tigers”

  1. Chitwood said

    Worn out team we will face??? Are you already making excuses?

  2. dtitus1304 said

    You caught me. Just me making excuses again.

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