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Tigers 13 – Red Sox 10

Posted by Titus on September 10, 2012

I don’t have the score book in front of me so I will do the recap from memory.  Here goes:

The Tigers came to the field on Saturday hoping to keep their season alive.  They felt that they had a pretty good chance against the Red Sox.  As mentioned in the well written game preview;  the Tigers split the season series with the Red Sox.  Was momentum was on their side?  YES

The Tigers started off the hot with a lead off single by Juan Sanchez followed up by a double to the gap by Dan Titus.  The Tigers exited the top of the first frame with a 1-0 advantage.  Good start right?  Well, the Tigers gave a little help to the enemy through 3 innings of work by giving the Red Sox 3 unearned runs.  The Tigers held a 4-3 advantage in the bottom of the 4th inning when the estrogen-filled noodle-like shoulder of Scott Harris exclaimed (in a tiny infant-like voice) “Hey, I wanna pitch!” so Scott took to the mound.  Scott was impressive.  Just like the Scott of old, he confused hitters with his curveball and has them buckling at the knees with his slider.  3-up – 3-down.

The top of the 5th was the inning The Tigers have been waiting for all season.  Hits, hits, and more hits. nothing cheap either.  Dennis McGarel highlighted the inning with a bases loaded double that cleared the base paths.  Clutch hitting by Joe Anaya and Anthony Perez (line drive double over the head of the center fielder), not only in the 5th inning, but throughout the whole game helped the Tigers all afternoon. 

The Tigers through 4-1/2 innings were up 13-3.  Scott Harris took to the mound in the bottom of the 5th to defy the odds once again, but with only 2 pitches into the warmup tosses, Scott’s shoulder did its best impression of France and surrendered right there on the mound.  His day was done.  The Tigers called upon Anthony Perez to come into the game cold and keep the Red Sox at bay.  Coming into the game cold is a difficult task for any pitcher to do.  It was a difficult inning for Anthony as he struggled to find the plate and when he did, the Red Sox hitters took full advantage.  The Red Sox loaded the bases with no outs. Hit after hit kept falling and the Red Sox kept on coming.  They didn’t quit.  Anybody that knows the Red Sox wouldn’t expect anything less from them.  The sent 11+ batters to the plate that inning and scored 7 runs in the bottom of the 5th. 

The secure lead the The Tigers had, was now gone.  With momentum now of the side of the Red Sox, the Tigers went down in the bottom of the 6th 1-2-3.  So now what do the Tigers do?  Do they put Anthony back in the game after the rough outing?  Do they put in Mike Estrada who hasn’t pitched all year-long?  Jeff Nelson left the decision up to the catcher, Dan Titus.  Titus made the decision to stick with Anthony to close out the game.  His decision can be summed up with one word:  BRILLIANT!  The Red Sox didn’t score in the bottom of the 7th to send the Red Sox home and the Tigers on to the next round.

Our hats off to the Red Sox who had a great year.  The surprised everyone in the league by going from the bottom of the barrel last year to one of the top teams in the league.  Kind of reminds me of another team who did the same thing last year.  The Red Sox are a good group of guys and I know that we will see them play even better next year.


  • The clutch hitting that the Tigers were used to all of last year and small portions of this year was back.  This should worry the Tigers’ next opponent (Cubs).
  • Dennis McGarel was, once again, (earmuffs kids) a Bad Mother Fuc#$r!
  • The Tigers are once again a team with a positive and confident attitude
  • The crowd support was great
  • The aggressiveness on the bases continued


  • Still need to cut down on the errors
  • Another team is done for the year (we all love to play, nobody wants to go home)

The crowd support will need to be even better for our next game with is tomorrow (Tuesday) at 7pm against the Cubs.  Let’s go Tigers!!  Check out the Updated Playoff Bracket!


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