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Game Preview: Cubs vs. Tigers Elimination Game

Posted by Titus on September 10, 2012

The old salty dogs, The Cubs, will prepare to take on the Tigers tomorrow night at The Sportsplex at 7pm.  I don’t really mean to call them old.  They are not THAT old.   I did find a photograph of the CP Cubs in their inaugural season way back in 1910.  You can see Henry, Pat, and even Kenny in the top right corner.

The Good Ol’ Crown Point Cubs

This is another do or die game for The Tigers.  They handled the Red Sox on Saturday and will prepare to do the same against a group of guys the swept during the regular season.  

The Tigers need to be very careful going into this game.  The Cubs did not have a great year in the regular season, but who really cares.  There are 2 teams that aren’t even playing anymore and the Cubs are still alive.  Each game with The Cubs this year was a close one because both teams play the game well.  Fundamentals and good smart baseball ooze out of the pores of both teams.  Whatever comparisons you want to make between the Cubs from Crown Point and the other douchebags up in Chicago…………..DON’T!  The CP Cubs can pitch, play the field, AND they can hit.  Unlike those other douchebags up in Chicago.  But enough about those douchebags up in Chicago.  Did I mention that they were douchebags?

Back to the game preview.  Like I was saying, The Tigers shouldn’t “feel good” coming into this game.  The Tigers did sweep the season series but every game was close.  The Tigers won the first game 6-5.  The second game 4-1, and the third game 4-2.  By no means did The Tigers have their way with The Cubs this year.  Plus, you have to remember the ending of last year’s season.  If I remember correctly, The Tigers swept the Cubs in the regular season and guess which team sent The Tigers home for good?  Yep, you guessed it (see photo above).  The Cubs. (partly because the umpire was sooooooooooooooo bad.  Same stupid kid that umpired the Red Sox Tigers game on Saturday.  I swear that kid can’t umpire to save his life. Can you believe that idiot kid kicked Dan Titus out of the game last year.  Dan Titus is the nicest, most charming, nicest smile, sexiest guy in the league) But I digress.

The Cubs should prepare to face PURK on the mound followed by a heavy dose of Ryan Early.  Ryan hasn’t faced the Cubs yet this year.  I asked Ryan if he is excited about facing the Cubs.  He pulled a Bart Scott on me and said “Can’t wait!”  I asked Purk the same question and he responded with “What do you think as$h%$ole?!”  so as you can see, the Tiger pitching is fire up for tomorrow night.

So what can the Tigers hope for?  They can hope for some timely hitting.  They can hope for some key defensive stops.  They can hope for a curse of some farm animal or a guy in a pair of headphones to ruin the Cubs chances or some other lame crap that Cub fans blame for losses instead of crappy players.

Man!  The real Cubs suck.  But those Crown Point Cubs are OK in my book.      

Ha ha ha! A goat! What a bunch of douches!

Ha ha ha! This guy prevented the Cubs from going to the series! Ha ha ha!


2 Responses to “Game Preview: Cubs vs. Tigers Elimination Game”

  1. I was offended by the constant reminder that “The Real Cubs Suck”! Lets go out and win this one early!! See ya all tonight!

  2. dtitus1304 said

    Don’t be offended. Elvis is much better than the Cubs

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