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Playoff Preview Tigers vs. Red Sox

Posted by Titus on September 5, 2012

The matchup is set.  With the Red Sox taking out the Cardinals last night, they have earned the honor of facing the Tigers on Saturday where the winner will move on and the loser will go home (for at least 2 weeks until the fall league starts)


These 2 teams have faced off against each other 4 times this year.  The Red Sox took the first 2 meetings while the Tigers took the last 2.  Does that mean that the Tigers have finally figured out the surprising Red Sox.  Maybe.  One thing is for sure, it will be a great game. 

Expect to see a heavy dose of Jason Moseley on the mound followed by Bragg.  Those are their 2 best pitchers.  No offense to Tom Reynolds, but the Tigers pretty much own that guy (Dan Titus with 3 home runs off of him.  DAMN!).  Moseley, the fire throwing power pitcher will probably start and give the Tigers and their fans his best  Fernando Valenzuela impression by looking up to the heavens and breathing out of his eyelids with every pitch.  Opposing teams and the Tigers would hate this guy because of his pitching if he weren’t such a nice fella.  An equally jovial chap is Bragg.  Bragg is the old salty dog on the team.  A pinpoint pitcher like Greg Maddox or our very own Scott Harris. We would love to see more of Scott on the mound but his shoulder is made of estrogen and wet noodles and therefore cannot last the season.   But I digress.   Bragg has been on the Red Sox for a while now.  He took a couple of years off and during those years, and the Red Sox sucked.  Really really really bad. They were almost as bad as the Rangers and early year Tigers. Coincidence? 

But nevermind the past!!  We are talking about now.  We are talking about this Saturday.  We are talking about hanging on for our baseball lives here!  We are talking about a much needed victory to reassure ourselves that the regular season was a fluke of epic proportions (that might be taking it a little too far, But nevermind that!!).  We are talking about pride.

We don’t know what will happen this Saturday.  There are a lot of questions that will not be answered until then.  Thankfully, your author listed them:

  1. Will the Tigers win?
  2. Will the Tigers bring their “A” game?
  3. Will Ryan Early show up to the game?  “Missing” posters have been put up all over CP and Cedar Lake.  If you see him please call me.
  4. Will Jeff Nelson wear his belt in his pants and return to all-star form?
  5. Who is Dave Hayse?  Where is Dave Hayse?  Is he on our team anymore?
  6. Is Curt going to come on Saturday and show everyone that Elvis has NOT left the building?
  7. Will Sanchez try and stick it to the team that he will eventually join next year?
  8. Can Scott continue his impressive batting?  Hell Yes!  (he doesn’t have anything else to do)
  9. Will Perez quit his job to be at the game and join his true calling?
  10. Will Joe Anaya end the season of another Red Sox player but running them over at 1st base?  When you hear chika chika chika chika chika chika chika chika chika chika; get out of the way!
  11. Will Kevin Lee wear sleeves?
  12. Will Tim Mullally and Tom Ruiz even be thinking about us when they are at the Notre Dame game?  Bastards
  13. Will Purk wear his cool Tiger pants and panties (thongs)?
  14. Can Lytle go through the entire game without insulting Dan Titus (nope)?
  15. Can Dan Titus make it through the entire game without being insulted by Ryan Lytle (nope)?
  16. Will Keith Wood laugh at one of Dan Titus’s jokes (nope)?
  17. Will Lonnie Archer get hit by a pitch.  Chances are high.  Not because we don’t like Lonnie, but because that dude is a baseball magnet.
  18. Will Steve hit another home run before the season is out?
  19. Is Dennis the best player on the Tigers?  Some think so.
  20. Will Larry Atkins feel bad that he left the Tigers and beg for his old job back (probably not)?
  21. Will Joe O make it through the game without offending someone (nope; probably his own team)?
  22. Is Earl playing?
  23. Who the hell is bringing beer?
  24. Where the hell did that picture come from of the Tiger high on bath salts (see above)?
  25. Why doesn’t anyone ever post a comment on these pages?
  26. When are these questions going to end?

OK. Enough.  As you can see, there are a lot of things that will answered on Saturday.  According to Tom Skilling, it is going to rain that morning so I pretty much wasted my time writing this.  Great.

Come out to the sportsplex on Saturday at 1pm to see history……..or at least which team will be history.

Man!! Tigers love bath salts. Look at his eyes.


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  1. Question #6: “He Never Really Left !”

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