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Game Preview: Outlaws vs. Tigers

Posted by sharris2929 on June 21, 2012

Thursday, June 21st

7:00 pm

Outlaws vs. Tigers

A good amount of friendly trash talk has been exchanged between the Tigers and the Outlaws this year.  Several players from both teams are former teammates, and some good-natured ribbing has occurred in the early part of the season.

That will all come to a head tonight as the Tigers will take on the undefeated Outlaws with first place in the league on the line.  These two teams met only twice last year, with each team taking home a win. 

Both teams are coming off of wins against the Cubs.  The Outlaws took a 5-2 decision against the Cubs last Thursday, while the Tigers beat them 4-1 on Sunday night.  That gave the Tigers their 4th straight win of the season. 

But if you want to talk momentum, you have to give the edge to the Outlaws.  They stormed through the playoffs to a league championship last year, and have kept it going this year, winning their first 5 in dominant fashion, outscoring their opponents 49-12 along the way.  They haven’t given up more than 2 runs in any game since their first game of the season.  They have given up the fewest runs in the league by far, and have only been outscored by one team:  The Tigers.

The Tigers have put up 62 runs so far this season, but have allowed 43.  In their last game, the Tigers used tremendous pitching outings from Dennis McGarel and Dave Purkey, as well as picture perfect defense, to hold the Cubs to just 1 run.  Going against a team like the Outlaws, the Tigers will need to match that performance tonight. 

With the current make up of the league, this game is the marquee matchup, and fans should be in for a real treat.  Can the stingy Outlaws pitching staff contain the explosive Tigers lineup?  Can the Tigers hold down the equally powerful Outlaws order?  Come on down to the Sportsplex at 7 pm tonight to find out.


3 Responses to “Game Preview: Outlaws vs. Tigers”

  1. dtitus1304 said

    I only said that the gray doesn’t match their uniforms. I actually like the hats. LOL

  2. Chitwood said

    Come on Dan, man up. Remember, I HATE fastballs!!!!! This will be a fun game either way it goes…

  3. dtitus1304 said

    Stop flirting

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