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Player Profile-Scott Harris

Posted by sharris2929 on May 27, 2011


Thanks to Ryan Lytle for stepping in to write this overly flattering player profile.

Name: Scott “Big Brown” Harris
Position: P, 1B, 3B, C

The Low-Down: After crafting a five year legacy in the Roy Hobbs league and completing that resume entry with two years as co-captain of the “wildly inconsistent” Stonecutters, Scott needed a brief hiatus to gather his thoughts.  The baseball world couldn’t let him go, and Scott has thankfully answered the call once again.  All I need to say is Big Brown is back.  Umpires respect him, competition envies him, and the fans love him.   He is an ace of staff on any team’s rotation and will prove just as difficult at the dish. Once he is on base (and he always will be), Scott will make every base hit as good as a double.

Expectations: It’s another day at the office, and Harris will be doing what he does best.  It’s just hard to figure out what he doesn’t do best on the field.  Once the season starts every hitter in the league will know his name.  His fastball is devastating and his curveball will make hitters look so bad, you’ll want to cover your kids’ eyes.  When Big Brown isn’t mowing down batters on the mound, he will be a tremendous asset at either corner of the infield or behind the dish.  No matter what position he plays he is a leader, and he does his leading by example.  On offense he will hover around the middle of the lineup where he will always have the bat on the ball.  He’s got power and doesn’t strikeout.  When teammates get on base before him, they had better be planning on scoring.  Harris is just as keen on the base paths and will dishearten his opponents as they make feeble attempts to stop him. 

Fun Fact: Come June 4th, you can find out what Big Brown can do for you.


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Player Profile-Tom Ruiz

Posted by sharris2929 on May 27, 2011

Between now and the beginning of the season, The Tiger Den will feature profiles of  every member of the team.  Don’t even ask about pictures…

Name: Tom Ruiz

Position: OF, 2B

The Low-Down: Tom is another returning veteran for the Tigers, and is also the principal of St. Mary’s school in Crown Point (look out for post on the many interesting jobs held by Tigers players in the near future).  Tom has been described as the ultimate family man, and meeting him just one time makes this more than obvious.

Expectations: Tom will be a key feature at or near the top of the Tigers lineup.  You can always expect Tom to get the bat on the ball and find ways to get on base, which will be key this year to set up the potent middle of the Tigers order.  Expect plenty of balls driven with authority into the gap.  The image of Tom stepping on home plate will be a familiar one for Tigers fans this season.  Expect Tom to be at or near the OTH League lead in runs scored. 

Fun Fact: Prior to this season, The New Belgium Brewing Company, makers of Fat Tire beer, approached Tom about a sponsorship deal.  Tom declined, hoping to avoid setting a negative example for his impressionable students.

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Player Profile–Curt Lechner

Posted by sharris2929 on May 27, 2011




Name: Curt Lechner

Position: 3B

The Low-Down: Curt is another Tiger talent bringing it back to the OTH League this season.  It is no secret that Curt is a long time friend of Tigers coach Jeff Nelson, and these two will begin another season looking to take their team to the promised land.  Last season Curt saw his friend and coach fall on hard luck dealing with a knee injury and unable to play.  It’s different now, though, since Jeff is back, and the roster has been all shook up.  It’s double trouble this season.  Not only do Curt and the Tigers expect a winning season by and by, but they know that for Nelson, there’s no tomorrow, since he has vowed to step down and lead the tigers no more, should they not win this season. 

Expectations: Curt will spend plenty of time anchoring the hot corner for the Tigers.  When Tiger opponents hit the ball anywhere in Curt’s direction, they’ll be forced to just throw their hands up and say, “Alright, okay, you win.”  Slowly but surely, the suspicious minds of the opponents will realize that Curt’s defense is just too much.  He sniffs out grounders like a hound dog.  At the plate, Curt will also send his share of opponents to Heartbreak Hotel.  You can expect at times this season that Curt will take this team on his back, saying, “Everybody come aboard.”  After facing Curt, many pitchers will experience a dirty, dirty feeling.   Fans new to the Tigers this season, even ones who live in the ghetto,  will likely not be able to help falling in love with his play. 

Fun Fact: Curt leads all Tigers with nearly 2000 Facebook friends.

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Practice–Sunday May 29th, 11 am

Posted by sharris2929 on May 26, 2011

Practice will be held on Sunday, May 29th at 11 am at the park in Cedar Lake.  Please comment and let us know if you can attend.  This will be only 6 days shy of opening day, so let’s try to get as many guys as possible there.  Weather forecast looks promising, too.

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Player Profile–Ryan Lytle

Posted by sharris2929 on May 26, 2011



Name: Ryan Lytle

Position: OF, IB, P

The Low-Down: Ryan makes his return to the diamond after two years away from competitive baseball.  After a three year run in the Roy Hobbs league, the final two as co-captain of the wildly inconsistent Stonecutters.  After that, a break was in order.  But for Ryan, the fire for competition still burned, and the opportunity to sign with the Tigers was readily accepted.  Lytle was a feared slugger in the Roy Hobbs league, anchoring the middle of the Stonecutters order.  He was also a slick fielder in the outfield, and a terror on the basepaths.

Expectations: Expect more of the same from Lytle.  He’ll feature prominently in the middle of the Tigers lineup and produce runs.  He’ll cover plenty of ground in the outfield, and runners will learn not to try to sneak an extra base on him.  Pitchers and catchers will learn to be extra vigilant when he’s on the bases, but it won’t help.  He’ll still rob you blind and set up run scoring situations for the Tigers hitting after him.  And maybe, just maybe, as the season goes on, Lytle can talk coach Jeff Nelson into giving him a few innings on the hill in relief, a spot where he has excelled in the past. 

Fun Fact: You might have heard rumors that the character of the Joker in The Dark Knight was based on Lytle.  This, however, is not true.  What is true is that prior to the film being shot, Health Ledger spent several months preparing for the role by living with Ryan.

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Countdown to Opening Day Begins…NOW

Posted by sharris2929 on May 26, 2011

Well friends, the time is drawing near. 

Opening day is just 9 days away. 

On Saturday, June 4th, the Tigers will take the field at 10 am against the defending league champions, the Dogs. 

The 2011 season will be under way, and it won’t be an easy test, especially considering how the Tigers must post a winning record or esteemed coach Jeff Nelson has vowed to retire.  So going into game one, that task will weigh heavy on the Tigers’ collective minds.  We have to take Jeff to bed or lose him forever. 

In the 9 days between now and the beginning of that monumental task, The Tiger Den will be your home for all things Tigers.  Expect frequent updates on a daily basis, including player profiles, game previews, expert predictions, and much, much more. 

The build up is almost over. 

It’s almost time to play ball.

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Practice Wednesday, May 25th

Posted by sharris2929 on May 23, 2011

We will be having practice on Wednesday, May 25th at 6 pm at the Old Boone Grove high school. Please respond and let us know if you’ll be there.

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Practice on May 11th

Posted by sharris2929 on May 5, 2011

Tigers coach Jeff Nelson is announcing practice for next Wednesday, May 11th at 6 pm.  It will be held at the park in Cedar Lake.

Weather forecast for that day is 72 degrees.  The weather looks like it’s starting to turn.  Good thing, too, since our Crown Point Over the Hill League games will be starting in just a few weeks.  The Tigers need some time to gel on the practice field before the season starts.  Hope to see everyone there.

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Player Profile–Jeff Nelson

Posted by sharris2929 on May 2, 2011



Name: Jeff Nelson

Position: 1B, SS, OF

The Low-Down: Jeff returns to the Tigers, fully recuperated after a season on the shelf following knee surgery.  All indications are that the knee is fully healed, and Jeff is fired up to get back on the field.  He also tossed out a challenge to his team to start the season, saying that he will step down as coach of the Tigers if they don’t have a winning season.  Jeff made this declaration at the first team meeting of the year.  The Tigers were stunned as their formidable leader basically told them…”Take me to bed or lose me forever!”   But it worked as a motivator for the Tigers, as they are definitely ready to take Jeff to bed, figuratively of course. 

Expectations: Jeff is a gamer in every sense of the world.  He plays hard every play, runs everything out, gives it his all on defense.  His uniform is never clean for long.  He finds ways to get on base, takes extra bases through cunning and guile, and gets in those extra runs.  Those things might not always show up in the score book, but they win games.  Expect Jeff to be on base frequently, and to get key hits just when the Tigers need them.  Also expect to see Jeff emerging from a cloud of dust, having made a significant play that changes the face of a game.  He leaves it all out on the field every game, and his players follow his lead.  The league and the Tigers are lucky to have Jeff back out on the field. 

Fun Fact: Jeff was offered the role of Thor in the upcoming blockbuster comic book adaptation, but turned it down to focus on the Tigers

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Practice–Tuesday May 3rd

Posted by sharris2929 on May 2, 2011

Coach Jeff Nelson announced that practice will be held on Tuesday, May 3rd at 6pm.  Practice will be at the park in Cedar Lake near the police station.  If you need directions, contact Dan Titus, who is extremely familiar with the location of most Northwest Indiana police stations. 

Please leave a comment on whether or not you can attend so Jeff can get an idea about attendance.

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