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Saturday’s Practice

Posted by sharris2929 on March 17, 2011

It has been decided that we will not have practice this Saturday, March 19th, due to lack of available players. 

With that being said, here are some other activities that you can do on Saturday morning now that we don’t have practice:

  • Get prepared for UFC 129 on Saturday night, featuring a highly anticipated Light Heavyweight championship fight between the legendary Mauricio Shogun Rua and next generation up and comer Jonny Bones Jones.
  • Spend a quiet moment alone weeping over the failure that is your NCAA Bracket.
  • Play Call of Duty with Titus (he’ll probably still be up playing from the night before)
  • Take advantage of the weather by cleaning out your garage.  If you don’t have a garage that needs cleaning out, I do!  Contact me if you are interested.
  • Use social networking websites such as Facebook or Twitter to spread the word about your baseball team’s website
  • Recover from your hangover you’ve likely had since St. Patrick’s day
  • Read a book*
  • Spend time with your family*

Check back here for information on future practices. 

*Probably Not


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Posted by sharris2929 on March 16, 2011

Being so early in the spring, and the season being so far away, there obviously isn’t a great deal of news here at the Tiger Den.  Once the season gets closer we’ll have more player profiles, expert predictions for the season, celebrity guest columnists*, and plenty of other exciting features.  Until that time, expect a wide variety of content here at the Tiger Den.  Editorials, general baseball discussions, hell even book and movie reviews.  It’s all filler until the season comes along.  My vow is that I’ll try my hardest to enlighten, entertain, and make you think.  Or whatever.  Just keep coming back here, okay?

Superstition plays a larger role in baseball than in any other sport.  Watching a game makes that fact obvious.  You see players with their choreographed pre pitch routines (like Nomar Garciaparra and his famous batting glove tug/foot stop dance), and at first glance it just looks silly.  But there is more to it than that.  Players come to feel that these rituals, however strange or unusual, play a part in their success or failure.  Nomar’s routine probably started one day when he was wearing ill-fitting batting gloves and had some leg cramps he was working out.  And he probably had a big game, and immediately correlated his routine with his success.  That’s how baseball superstitions start.  And even though Nomar had many bad games after that, the superstition never stopped. 

When a reporter asked Babe Ruth if he had any superstitions, he said this:  “Just one.  Whenever I hit a home run, I make certain I touch all four bases.”  It was obviously a joke, but it tells us that even when our beloved game was in its infancy, superstitions were commonplace.  (Babe Ruth also once said, “Ty Cobb is a prick.  But he sure can hit.  God Almighty, that man can hit.”  That quote is unrelated to the present topic, but it sure is funny).  And many high-profile players have had very famous superstitions.

Wade Boggs was one of the more superstitions players in history.  He ate fried chicken before every single game.  He woke up at the same time every day, took exactly 100 grounders before every game, and took batting practice at the exact same time every day.  (He is also rumored to have once drank 60-70 beers on a cross-country flight, which is really awesome).  Did these things make him one of the most productive and consistent hitters of all time?  Of course not.  If anything the fried chicken may have hurt him.  But what is important.  He felt that it helped his performance, and that’s all that matters.

There are other, more widespread superstitions in baseball.  When a pitcher has a no-hitter going, you don’t mention it or talk to the pitcher.  Most players won’t step on the foul lines when taking or leaving the field.  Some players won’t shave before a game.  I’ve heard many pitchers will not have sex the night before they pitch. 

The point is that every player has at least some type of superstition.  Here at Tiger Nation, we’d like to hear what superstitions the Tigers themselves have. 

So all you Tigers reading this…leave a comment and let’s hear about the superstitious things you do in relation to baseball.  Fans and friends feel free to leave yours as well.

*Probably not

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Baseball vs. Softball

Posted by sharris2929 on March 15, 2011

A common experience for those of us who play recreational baseball is that when this fact is mentioned to people, the first thing they assume is that you play in a slow pitch beer softball league, and further explanation is required.  I myself have found that using the term hardball can be helpful in some instances, but usually not.  When people hear that guys like us (meaning old guys) are playing a diamond sport, the automatic assumption is that it’s the one where the pitches have a mandatory arc and that beer consumption is allowed and encouraged on the field of play.

So why is this assumption made?  Why do people think that guys like us can’t possibly be playing competitive baseball?  My careful research has found a few reasons.

  • We enjoy drinking beer. 
  • We don’t enjoy running, sweating, or moving a great deal.
  • We do not use steroids.
  • Most people aren’t aware that recreational hardball exists in the area
  • Baseball is to be played by children and millionaire adults ONLY.
  • Softball is just easy and fun (and you can drink while doing it).
  • We gave up on that baseball dream years ago.

Many of these facts are true.  Yes we enjoy drinking beer, but we can do that after a baseball game in the parking lot while reliving the highlights of the game and talking shit about our opponents.  We don’t enjoy running, sweating, or moving, unless there is a good reason for doing it.  We don’t use steroids, because they are illegal, and are only used by disgraceful players such as Sammy Sosa and Barry Bonds (for players we like, they didn’t use steroids, they used “supplements” that were unknowingly tainted).   Softball is easy and fun. 

For most old men, softball is enough.  It’s a chance to get out and have some fun, be a little competitive, and have something to talk crap about.  You go out, knock a few lob balls out of the park, and trot around the bases with some pride. 

But for guys like us, that just isn’t enough.  We’ve developed feelings about baseball that won’t allow us to play a reasonable facsimile of it.  It has to be the real thing.  OVERHAND FASTPITCH REAL LIVE GODDAMN BASEBALL, not slowpitch crap.  Baseball is something we all have a complicated relationship with.  Maybe we wonder what would have happened if we had stuck with it longer.  Maybe there’s unfinished business with the game.  Maybe we’re trying to prove something to ourselves, make us believe that we are capable, just like we used to be. 

Whatever the case, we have something inside of us all that makes us want to go out and prove ourselves, something that separates us from those other dudes we know who are content to go hit lob balls and never steal bases. 

I think with our team, we have something even more.  Something that separates us, even elevates us over the other players in the league.  Softball isn’t enough for them either, but we have one thing that they’ll never have that will put us ahead of the pack this season. 

That thing:  TIGERBLOOD. 

And that’s why you can expect a whole lot of one thing from us this season:

That’s why we’re hitting in indoor cages in January and working up a sweat.  That’s why we’re planning practices when we see the mercury run up to 45 degrees. 

You don’t see slowpitch softball players doing that.

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Team Practice

Posted by sharris2929 on March 15, 2011

Esteemed manager Jeff Nelson has given us his blessing to try to organize a practice for this weekend, even though he will be unable to attend.  So if we have enough guys that are able to attend, we would like to have practice on Saturday, March 19th, at 9 am.  Practice will be held at Bo0ne Grove middle school.  Directions can be provided as needed. 

Please comment on this post to let us know if you’ll be able to make it.  If we don’t have a large response we probably won’t have it, so hopefully most of you can attend.

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Player Profile: Dan Titus

Posted by sharris2929 on March 14, 2011





Name:  Dan Titus

Position: The best damn catcher this league has ever seen

The Low-Down:  Dan has a long-standing history on the Crown Point baseball scene, having spent several seasons in the Roy Hobbs league before his ascension to the OTH League.  He’s been an integral part of every team he’s ever played on, both for his top shelf defense behind the plate and his face melting offensive production.  He’s known far and wide for hitting the longest foul balls anyone has ever seen.

Expectations: Dan will again be expected to anchor the defense and pitching staff from behind home plate, and to set the tempo on offense from somewhere in the middle of the lineup.  His arm will stifle the running game of any opposition, and hit bat will send pitchers searching for their Xanax prescription.  Dan has reported a newfound dedication to his mental conditioning and focus, as evidenced by his countless hours of Call of Duty played during the offseason.

Fun Fact: Dan has never in his entire baseball life hit a ball to right field.

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The 2011 Over the Hill Baseball Season Starts Here…

Posted by sharris2929 on March 14, 2011

Welcome to your home for the 2011 Crown Point Tigers baseball team.  This season promises to bring plenty of excitement, and we will chronicle all the action right here.  Be sure to check the site early and often for all the news related to your favorite team of 33+ superstars.  We look forward to having you here, and thanks for stopping by.

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What to Expect from the Tiger Den

Posted by sharris2929 on March 13, 2011

If you’ve made it to this site, you’re obviously a dedicated Crown Point Tigers fan, or something has gone horrible wrong.  Either way, it’s important to know what to expect now that you’re here.  Below you’ll find a list of things you can expect from your home for Tigers baseball in the coming season.

  • All the latest inside info on the 2011 Tigers squad
  • Comprehensive analysis of the preseason
  • Full coverage of every pitch once the season kicks off
  • Player profiles on each member of the 2011 Tigers
  • Full box scores from every game
  • Updated offensive and pitching statistics after every game
  • League standings
  • Contests
  • Giveaways*
  • Recipes**
  • Pictures and video of your favorite team in action
  • Links to police blotters should any member of the squad run afoul of the law
  • Reader polls
  • Rumors from around the team
  • Much, much more

Sound like the kind of coverage you’re looking for?  If there’s more you want to see, please let us know in the comments section.

*Probably not

**Because we love to eat.  Who doesn’t love a good recipe?  Share ’em if you got ’em!

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Posted by sharris2929 on March 13, 2011

Esteemed Tigers’ manager Jeff Nelson held his season kickoff with his players today, and it was far from business as usual.

Nelson is a veteran manager in the OTH League, but his teams haven’t fulfilled his expectations.  After a late surge last year that brought them within a win of the title game, and some big roster improvements this year, Nelson is ready to bank on success in 2011.  If his team doesn’t come through, Nelson’s career in the OTH league will come to an end.

Nelson told his players on Sunday that if the team doesn’t finish with a winning record in 2011, it will be his last season. 

The players were surprised at the bold move, but this Tigers squad isn’t short on confidence this year.  To a man, the entire roster is confident that their skipper will be back next season. 

But what do you, Tiger Nation, think will happen this season?  Vote in our poll and let us know what you think


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